What is Reiki?

Reiki is an ancient form of healing. It is very relaxing and is good for restoring the balance of the mind, body and spirit.


In Japanese, Rei = universal and Ki = energy.  Reiki is therefore quite simply defined as  'universal energy'.


Reiki works by channelling this universal energy by placing hands-on or hands-over a person.  


Reiki may help with almost any condition, particularly those associated with our modern lifestyles such as:

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia / poor sleep patterns
  • Tension
  • Well-being


Reiki Treatment - What to Expect

A Reiki treatment session is usually very gentle and relaxing. 


After going through your medical history, you will be asked to lie on a treatment couch or sit in a chair if you prefer. 


If you have a specific problem, I may concentrate soley on that problem, placing my hands directly on or over the area concerned. 

For a more holistic session, there are between seven - twelve hand postions for a basic Reiki treatment and I will decide which positions are the most appropriate for your needs.  Most treatments will include some form of hands-on or hands-over the head, the throat, the ribs, the abdomen and the pelvis.  Each position will be held for between three - five minutes, during which you may feel heat, tingling or a cold breeze. You may feel nothing at all.  Sometimes I will scan my hands over you which helps me to detect if you have any imbalances or blocked energies.


Clients report feeling very relaxed during a session and many often fall asleep. 

Patients report that they usually sleep well after their Reiki sessions.



A reiki treatment is very relaxing


How many sessions do I need?

You can never have too much Reiki! 

However, one session may be enough for you if it's just a case of restoring a little balance in your life.  Three - four sessions is usually a good number to see a noticeable improvement.  Daily sessions for one week may benefit some clients with an acute, intense problem.  Those with chronic conditions may need more sessions over a longer period of time. 


I also do Reiki on animals including dogs, cats and horses and Reiki by distance.  

Contact me for further details. 




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