Here are just a few comments from my clients which I update regularly or see my client reviews on Facebook:

  • 'I want to thank you most sincerely for the wonderful reiki session yesterday. I slept for 3 hours in the afternoon, had a cracking headache, then slept for 10 hours last night and have got up today feeling great. I feel really calm and all the anxiety of the last few weeks has lifted, so a great result....'  (Mrs P)
  • 'Your reflexology and reiki treatments are fantastic' (Mrs R)
  • 'Just a note to thank you so much for the reiki course which I thoroughly enjoyed. I have learned so much from it. I was really relaxed after all the reiki we did on Sunday and felt really calm. Many thanks for a lovely two days'. (Mr V)
  • 'I have suffered with plantar fasciitis for two years. I tried everything from visiting the doctor, replacing shoes, adding every insole on the market and a complete regime of exercise. I began to feel all hope was lost and this was a condition that I must live with. A friend told me to try reflexology and as a last resort, I thought why not and was introduced to Corah. I started a 6 week treatment and noticed a considerable difference after my second visit. By week four I was walking with no pain and can not thank Corah enough for all she has done. My visits are such a treat and it enables me to relax and live pain free'. (Mrs W)
  • 'I've had problems with my feet for many years. I did see a Dr at the hospital who told me it was Morton's Neuroma, He said it would be a big operation as it was the worst case he'd seen. Also said it would be a long healing time. So, I decided not to go ahead. Then one day while out working in my shop, in walks Corah Carney. She's a reflexologist. We spoke about my feet. I decided to go and see what she could do for me. Well, after 4 weeks I can walk with no pain in my toes. They look so much better. I went away on holiday recently and for the first time in years, I walked without moaning. The best thing was to be able to walk in the sand with no shoes on. I can't praise this lady enough for what she's done for me. I'm still going to go for treatment every other week. If yu have any problems, this is the lady to see. Thank you Corah.' (Mrs M)
  • 'Dear Corah, I need your healing hands. My back's killing me....!' (Mrs G)
  • Dear Corah, thank you for the reflexology you did on my hands last week. I felt the benefit for several days. My fingers were much more flexible and mobile and in addition, I felt so much better in myself. I had more energy and felt more like myself than I have for ages. (Mrs A, Alcumlow Hall Farm client).
  • [on reiki]...Just a note to say how pleased I was on Saturday. I was able to cope with my daughter's wedding and I didn't feel anxious at all. Many thanks. I am sure the reiki helped me to relax and to enjoy the event. (Mrs V, Alcumlow Hall Farm client)
  • 'Just had a session of reflexology and reiki with Corah. She has the most fabulour therapy cabin...I was unsure how I would feel about the treatment (this was a gift voucher present), but it was lovely and I left feeling relaxed yet energised....' (Mrs F)
  • 'Seems like you have worked your magic again. X looks and feels much better (Mrs J)
  • 'Thank you for the Reiki session yesterday. It was a different experience for me and one that I truly enjoyed. The headache passed as you said it would and I slept really well.  I felt calmer this morning so something must have worked'. (Mrs J).
  • 'Many thanks for the Reiki Corah. I feel more energized this morning and I hope I'm on the way up again now. It was lovely to share some healing power, so thanks again'. (Mrs F)
  • .'....It is just so nice to feel something other than pain. Thank you'. (Hospice patient)
  • 'Recently widowed, I have found the Reiki sessions very helpful, emotionally and mentally'. (Hospice patient)
  • 'I was apprehensive in trying Reiki, but Corah's medical background made me feel safe. I feel it is an advantage. Corah's professionalism as a Reiki Practitioner is I feel, excellent.....' (Mrs S)
  • 'Just to let you know how I fared following my treatment yesterday. I slept really well and did not require any 2.30am painkillers. My shoulder is remarkably easier. I feel able to cope with things again. Thank you for the time you spent with us - it has helped tremendously. Any sceptics should give it a go'.  (Hospice pt)
  • 'I thoroughly enjoyed being pampered and that in itself was brilliant. I found you very professional and have no qualms in recommending your services. Thank you'. (Ms H)
  • 'I just wanted to tell you that I had a much better sleep last night and I am in much less discomfort today. It was very kind of you to give me your time yesterday with your Reiki.  I do now believe it works, I was a sceptic before'.  (Mrs D)
  • 'When I got up on Saturday I was in half the pain I have been in for months and found it hard to believe that I felt so good. Please can I book another session? ..............'.(Chris
  • 'Many thanks for a lovely Reiki session yesterday.  I felt wonderfully relaxed and topped up with inner awareness.....'(Carol)
  • 'Dear Corah, I haven't had backache for a week!  Something is working, somewhere.  I felt so relaxed and happy whilst the Reiki was happening that I would like to repeat the experience.  Many thanks'.  (Mary)
  • '...I felt completely as ease with the level of interaction and treatment was presented in a very professional manner.  The next day I felt really great and have even been shopping which I could not have even contemplated two weeks ago so you have clearly done wonders with shifting the energy. I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone I meet'.  Barbara.



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