What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is a complementary therapy which is based on the principle that there are reflexes in the feet which correspond to all the major organs and glands in the body.








The aim of reflexology is to stimulate these reflex points to promote the balancing of the body. 

A reflexology treatment

It is not known exactly how reflexology works but it is felt that it may particularly help with:

* Achy feet,

* Stress / anxiety / tension,

* Relaxation

* Improved feeling of well-being

* Improved mood

* Aiding sleep


Clients usually feel very relaxed during and after a treatment. 

Applying pressure massage to the reflex zones



Hand Reflexology

This is based on the same principles of foot reflexology. This treatment is very good for stiff and achy hands. 

Hand reflexology




This is a beautifully relaxing and nurturing reflexology treatment using essential oils and advanced massage techniques. It is a slightly longer treatment (90 mins) as the oils are blended especially for that session and the feet and ankle massage is extended. Just a wonderful treat for your feet.  


Reflexology Treatment - What to Expect

After going through your medical history, you will be asked to sit or lie on a treatment couch. 

There is no need to undress other than removing your socks and shoes. 

A typical reflexology treatment usually lasts about about an hour. Using a thumb and finger technique, I work on the reflexes on the sole, the side and the top of the feet.  I finish off with a lovely relaxing foot massage. The treatment is very relaxing and also helps the circulation. 


How many sessions do I need?

Some clients just like to 'treat their feet' and enjoy one treatment, a well-deserved pamper.

3 - 4 sessions is usually a good number to notice if there are any changes in a particular condition.

5 - 6 sessions is a good number for a course of treatment and can be of great benefit for a wide range of conditions. 



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